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How to fully fund your PhD

CogNeS Additional Funding
As a PhD student enrolled in CogNeS Programme you may apply for:

  • conference and travel grants (up to 3000 PLN);
  • study visits grants (up to 10 000 PLN);
  •  financing publications  (up to 2000 PLN).

Internal Additional Funding
As a PhD student in Poland  you eligible to apply for a number of stipends at your home university. Please note the amount of scholarship may slightly change every year and you must apply for them on your own:

  • doctoral scholarship, paid monthly for a period of one year; visit the university website for further information (up to 2000 PLN);
  • once you’ve received a doctoral scholarship and you’re rated among top PhD candidates you’re awarded additional funding, paid monthly for a period of one year (up to 1000 PLN);
  • basic research fund financed by the state and managed by the Faculty of Philosophy.

External Additional Funding
While Polish still remains main language of academic publications in Poland, funds are mostly allocated to scientists with international background and publications in English. If you’re research has been published in leading international journals, you’re very likely to be awarded grants from the National Science Centre and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. For further details visit: